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We give IT departments confidence and peace of mind with flexible colocation services and reliable 24/7 support. As your Managed Colocation provider, our Managed Colocation services include multiple cabinets, custom cages, high-power densities, remote 24/7 hands, and hybrid service models to provide customers with flexible, cost-effective deployment options. Our dedicated in-house facilities team maintains our power and cooling systems and infrastructure projects around the clock in our highly-secured colocation facility.





As the premiere colocation provider in San Francisco and Los Angeles, UnitedLayer Colocation Services gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your business. Feel confident our Tier-3 comparable colocation facilities with industry leading uptime, extreme connectivity, and flexible colocation configurations. UnitedLayer also offers a comprehensive set of hybrid solutions; including cloud, managed services, disaster recovery and 24/7 hands on support, making us more than just a basic colocation provider.







Our Managed Colocation teams will work with you to determine the best choice that will fit your needs - Full Cabinets, Half Cabinets, Quarter Cabinets as well as 1U/2U/3U spaces..

Each Cabinet comes with its own secure access so that your equipment will not be tampered with by unauthorized access or entry. Each Cabinet comes with free bandwidth for that Cabinet configuration.

UnitedLayer range of circuit options. Circuit options include:

UnitedLayer can work with our customers to provide high-density Cabinets and can provide Managed Colocation Solutions that offer up to 10KW or above per Cabinet.

Colocation Cabinets

Colocation Cages





Some of our customers prefer that they would like a further level of security and request UnitedLayer to provision a Cage within which they can provision a custom configuration that includes Cabinets, Posts or hybrid configurations.

Our facilities team can design, and construct a Cage per your specifications and install custom equipment such as biometric access to the Cage, motion detectors at the top of the cage, security cameras within the Cage etc. Within the Cage, UnitedLayer customers have the option of working with our facilities team to install Cabinets, Posts, or other custom Power and Cooling configurations that fit their operational requirements. UnitedLayer has also worked with our customers to ensure that their specialized equipment meets load distribution requirements per local construction regulations and code.





UnitedLayer is the premiere colocation provider in San Francisco and Los Angeles and it’s because of our ace support team, always available 24x365 to assist you for your needs at our colocation facilities. Services include, but not limited to:

Power cycling, rebooting servers

Swapping backup tapes

Installing and testing Xconnect circuits

Receiving and storing equipment deliveries to the DataCenter

Recording or digitally photographing equipment

Hardware installations

Visual inspection and or digitally photographing equipment

Cabling installation or modification

Remote Hands



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Headquartered in San Francisco, California - one of the most networked Internet points of presence in the world - UnitedLayer provides its customers with Hybrid Cloud Hosting Expertise, offering colocation, managed services, public and private clouds and business continuity solutions. Data centers are located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Virginia, Toronto, Canada and Vancouver, Canada.



  • San Francisco Data Center
       200 Paul Ave Suite 110 (HQ)
       San Francisco, CA 94124
  • Los Angeles Data Center
       530 West 6th Street
       Los Angeles, CA 90014
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