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Managed High Availability

When Uptime is Critical - Active/ Active Solutions


In addition to our Managed Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archival Solutions where the objective is to backup and restore data, UnitedLayer Managed High Availability solutions ensure that your compute infrastructure is architected and deployed such that there are no single points of failure.




High Availability Starts With Solid Architecture

Designed so that one single failure does not impact your services

Managed High Availability Architecture

Manged High Availability by United Layer

United Layer


There are a number of different failures that can affect a customer's environment. For example, these could be a power supply on a server, a firewall, a web server or even a service that is running on a server. With Managed High Availability, UnitedLayer will ensure that any single failure (or any particular failure that you've identified as a risk) does not impact the services you're trying to provide. For example, a high availability firewall set-up would allow you to have no adverse impact on your system; even if your primary firewall went down, a secondary firewall would kick in immediately.

In addition to architecting and deploying a solution that has no single points of failure within a Data Centre, UnitedLayer Managed Services team can architect and deploy a solution that has geographic redundancy using our geo-load-balanced solutions. UnitedLayer's Managed Services team can set up your infrastructure to allow any remote data backups to be restored to a Virtual Machine in the event of a disaster at the local site. Alternately, using virtualization technologies and an appropriate networking architecture, a geographically load-balanced architecture can be deployed where a standby site can take over in the event of a primary site failure.




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