Future of Data Centers

Future of Data Centers

Data has become the most valuable intellectual property for any company and its inherent value will only grow in the years ahead. Operations, procedures, production, and supply are now so important that choices made about how it is stored, exchanged, and processed will determine the quality and durability of a company’s operations. Around the globe, more than 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data are generated daily. India alone is expected to generate 2.3 million petabytes of digital data by 2020 and is rising at a much faster pace than the world average.

The new data centers now provide converged infrastructure, and the trend is going more towards hyper-convergence. This has brought many benefits to Data Center operations and has also addressed issues that had previously plagued businesses. For example, the risk of hardware failure plagues companies with the risk of data loss, and the struggle to restore their infrastructure. The process of running a Data Center is structured by converged infrastructures; with a single interface used for network management, the organization is more efficient in streamlining the operating processes and keeping the data secure on the cloud.


Although operations consolidation by convergence facilitates management, most servers are still siloed, and that’s where hyper-convergence plays its magic. Hyper-converged data centers are data centers identified by software and are often called smart data centers. We use virtualization to integrate all operating layers into a single unit, including computing, networking, and storage. All are now on the same server with hyper-convergence that offers enhanced efficiencies, decreased costs, and greater control over Data Center components.

Rethink information infrastructure, replace proprietary servers with cloud services. You will now need far less room in a captive Data Center to store the same amount of data you needed. Welcome to the Controlled Colocation Model!

Data center solution providers offer colocation services (or Colo) to improve the customer experience. These are operated by a hybrid cloud, offering specialized services to their customers. A collocation is a position where companies have more leverage of their private networks, and they may also be closer to their customers with greater access to the public cloud.

UnitedLayer offers a premier Tier-3 data center facility where you can deploy and manage your existing hardware while still maintaining the level of access, control, and security of a data center that resides entirely on your premises. UnitedLayer provides Colocation facilities from one of San Francisco’s biggest data centers located at 200 Paul Ave. It is the only data center built on solid bedrock in San Francisco. This location serves many providers of engineering, technology, and internet services, and is the leading data center for the Bay Area and colocation in San Francisco. We have exceptionally low latency connectivity to all clouds, corporate data centers, and edge locations with over 300+ carriers at our interconnection facilities and direct access to over 3000 carriers. 

There will of course be many more avenues for data centers to move forward in the coming years. Some of the developments to be predicted are just changes in the way things are done right now, which is inevitable. Data centers, for example, will continue to incorporate modern technologies with equipment such as server racks, shelves, rails, etc. Nonetheless, in entirely new developments that actually do not exist today and are uncertain, the greatest improvements are likely to be the. That’s why it’s so important that everybody keeps up with the latest technical developments and inventions.

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Remote Hands

Remote Hands

If you are looking into using a managed service provider’s support, you already know how it would work for your company. Maybe your company has expanded a lot lately, or you’re thinking about starting a company, and you want to make sure you get started on the right foot. We often see large colocation data centers pushing the fact that you can choose their facility rather than the customized service, scalability, or advanced functionality it can offer based on its proximity to your office.

Although all data centers offer some degree of technical support, select data centers add substantial value to the services they provide. They hire a team of highly qualified engineers who carry on additional duties to fulfill their customers’ individual needs better. It involves the resolution of IT problems related to your infrastructure that your IT workers will usually manage. A remote hands support data center helps you to concentrate your internal Information Technology team on unique in-house tasks while the engineers handle the issues related to your equipment and network in their data center. This ability to use the “remote hands” of the data center brings conventional IT help to a whole new level and should be a vital part of your strategy.


UnitedLayer’s Remote Hands service provides access to a team of highly trained, in-house, licensed 24x7x365 technicians who can remotely control servers via a single glass pane known as UnityOneCloud. By building a library of information about the equipment, rack installation, cabling, and wiring of cross-connect termination solutions, shipping, and receiving for data center equipment/inventory boxes, we also provide a detailed cage and cabinet audit with Inventory Audit. Our highly trained and experienced rack installers for the data center racking and stacking of equipment.

UnitedLayer offers receiving and delivery facilities for data center equipment/inventory boxes, ensuring the protection of equipment or shipments for customers. We provide cabling and wiring services in global data centers, including cross-connect termination solutions, along with transferring, securing, or dressing existing cables in the data center.

The remote hands of a data center are helping hands when and where you need them. It should be at the forefront of your overall IT plan, from tackling daily tasks to rapidly unraveling a crisis. You can have peace of mind knowing that while UnitedLayer Colocation keeps a watchful eye on your network, you can focus on strategic in-house ventures.

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Colocation Data Centers : Optimizing Performance and Security

Colocation Data Centers : Optimizing Performance and Security

Why should businesses use Colocation Data Centers?

Businesses all over the world are heavily dependant on data and technology to function. Their IT infrastructure is essentially the foundation for all day to day business, analysis, strategy, and predictions. If your IT fails, your business will be impacted in more ways than one.

So how can companies ensure that their IT infrastructure is protected from failure?

Big enterprises and companies have switched to a hybrid multicloud model; this is where they utilize a mixture of public and private clouds for various levels and reasons. However, the on-premises data center is still an integral part of the IT infrastructure. It makes sense that the management and maintenance of the hardware infrastructure be taken care of by experts.

It is where Colocation comes in!


UnitedLayer Colocation is the best in the league colocation service provider. UnitedLayer’s 200 Paul data center is located at the most robust location in the San Francisco Bay Area on bedrock and is at the epicenter of the most technologically advanced companies in the world. Apart from the 200 Paul Ave data center in San Francisco, we provide colocation services from the most secure disaster recovery location in Las Vegas and from the most connected data center across Southern California in Los Angeles.

Secure your business-critical applications and data through a redundant backup power, climate control, backbone connections, and unlimited available bandwidth. Deploy and manage your existing hardware in our premier Tier-3 data center facility while still maintaining the level of access, control, and security of a data center that resides entirely on your premises. With UnitedLayer Colocation solutions, you can eliminate the hassle and cost of running your own data center while setting yourself up for a future in the cloud.

Achieve superior Compliance frameworks with our colocation data centers that provide all leading frameworks, thereby reducing costs. Our security provisions are extended to the physical infrastructure as well as location security and stability. The strategic positioning of UnitedLayer Colocation in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles allows for very high speed, high performance, and highly connected colocation data center. Reduce costs, optimize performance, and enhance connectivity with UnitedLayer Colocation to truly optimize your IT infrastructure.

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One Wilshire Building Data Center, LA: The Most Connected Data Center In Southern California

One Wilshire Building Data Center, LA: The Most Connected Data Center In Southern California

The main objective of any business is to focus on activities that can help them grow their business and execute their operations optimally. Such businesses choose to focus their IT resources on enhancing and supporting their operations. Maintaining and managing a data center requires dedicated resources and efforts that do not directly contribute to the business. 

So what do you need to look for?

Some of the most important factors in picking the right colocation provider for your business are assessing whether the provider has data centers in the right location and the level of physical security they provide. Additionally, the power density provided by the colocation service provider can help support and ensure it is well equipped to support the growth and scalability requirements of your business. The provider needs to ensure that its data centers are fully compliant. It is essential that your business has access to the right availability and uptime agreements to ensure that no unscheduled downtimes affect your business’s reputation. 


UnitedLayer’s One Wilshire Building Data Center is located in Los Angeles, CA, USA. It has got 87 data centers locations within 50 miles of the facility. One Wilshire Building Data Center is the most interconnected building in North America. UnitedLayer helps companies create a more efficient IT architecture with access to your choice of hundreds of providers. With UnitedConnect®, companies can reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

Our data centers provide redundant, 24-hour cooling operation with an N+1 cooling system along with a dual-interlock, dry-pipe pre-action fire suppression system. UnitedLayer helps you comply with nearly all data sovereignty and data protection laws applicable to your business in any market globally, including the CCPA, HIPAA, and GDPR. Our managed services offerings, such as the Remote Hands and Smart Hands Service, offers Inventory Audit and Fiber Circuit Installation. It helps monitor, alert, and assess workloads that can identify potential hardware failures before they result in downtime, ensuring that your data center is consistently optimized and agile.

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Gateway to a coherent IT strategy: UnitedLayer Colocation at San Francisco!

Gateway to a coherent IT strategy: UnitedLayer Colocation at San Francisco!

Companies that manage their data on-premises need to ensure that their systems can keep up with their expansion strategies. As the business grows, so does the data generated by the business. As such, the in house IT department is inundated with expansion, management of current data setup as well as any other business-centric application technology. Therefore, companies need to establish a strategy that plans for these changes and the heightened data requirements of the future.

What should you consider when planning for an alternative solution to an on-premises setup?

It goes without saying that cost, security, and uptime are some of the main factors that companies need to consider while planning for future needs. At the same time, it is essential that you unburden your IT by looking for a solution that focuses on support and security controls. It may seem nearly impossible to manage each of these things in one solution; however, colocation is a service that can help organizations manage just that. Essentially, colocation is the installation of servers in a managed data center that is not on-premises.


This is where UnitedLayer Colocation services can help!

We have one of the largest data centers in San Francisco located at 200 Paul Ave, the only data center in San Francisco built on a solid bedrock with Zone 4 construction and is not in a 100-year flood plain. We help companies deploy and manage their existing hardware in our premier Tier-3 data center facility while maintaining the level of access, control, and security of a data center that resides entirely on your premises.

With UnitedLayer Colocation solutions, you can eliminate the hassle and cost of running your own data center while setting yourself up for a future in the cloud. The added advantage of a location that serves many engineering, technology, and internet service providers is the leading data center for the Bay Area and San Francisco colocation. The network density at 200 Paul Avenue makes it an ideal interconnection point for the entire west coast, providing connectivity to leading domestic and Asia Pacific carriers, making it extremely viable to support any complex business need.

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Data Center Colocation: Bridging In The Knowledge Gap From The Market

Data Center Colocation: Bridging In The Knowledge Gap From The Market

With increasing market demands, data centers are becoming bigger, more complex, and more time-consuming to manage, and their needs are starting to outstrip other businesses’ resources. The knowledge and talent gaps in the technology sector mean that it is more difficult for companies to find staff with the right skills to manage ever more complicated and cutting-edge infrastructure. Although we are continuously informed that computing’s future is the cloud, companies are still not quite ready to take the plunge and transfer everything into the cloud. It could be due to enforcement or security concerns, or because they are not willing to give up on their current investment in on-premises infrastructure.

Colocation has become a common choice for businesses looking to reduce the cost of keeping the data center in-house as it helps bridge the gap between on-premises deployments and full cloud migration, no matter what the cause. Colocation allows an IT organization to manage its infrastructure without the pressure of operating a whole data center. The global colocation market is projected to cross $63 billion by 2023, an annual growth rate of 14%, according to a forecast by Market Research Future. The colocation infrastructure offers space for tenants to host their servers in a data center. Although the hosting company owns and manages the data center, the servers are operated by the tenants. The hosting company offers various facilities and additional equipment, including electrical power, cooling, internet access, networking equipment, and space for each server.

So, you need to look for a colocation provider with a range of managed services to help your IT department fill in experience and knowledge gaps and provide the kind of long-term support you’ll need to implement the digital transformation plan for your company.


That’s where the UnitedLayer Colocation solution provides excellent services and expertise in delivering complex colocation projects, which in turn helps bridge the information gap from the market. In our premier Tier-3 data center facility, you can conveniently install and operate your existing equipment while retaining the level of access, control, and security of a data center entirely residing at your premises. You will remove the hassle and expense of running your own data center with UnitedLayer Colocation solutions while setting yourself up for a cloud future.

UnitedLayer Colocation services come with on-demand scalability where customers can attach additional data, computing, and networking resources to meet the increased demands of the business. Via the support desk, customers can request other infrastructure services. It will be up and running in 15 minutes, rather than months usually needed for conventional infrastructure design, procurement, implementation, and turn-up. UnitedLayer offers a seamless software-defined network upgrade, storage, and processing of the network from 1G to 20G with a smooth software-defined upgrade.

UnitedLayer’s centralized management platform offers a single pane of glass for its colocation customers to remotely access, track, control, and automate their colocation infrastructure. In the colocation data center, customers can get a visual view of all their devices, monitor their output, and control those devices from their location without the technical staff visiting the facility being needed. We also provide integrated automation software to automate day-to-day network management activities, so the IT team can spend more time on projects that build business value.

If your company is prepared to take its technology maintenance future seriously, colocation is a great way to optimize your infrastructure and prepare it for growing trends, such as cloud computing.

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