CIO Insider Cover Story: UnitedLayer’s CEO, Abhijit Phanse explains and shares his insights on “Leveraging the Capabilities of Software-Defined Data Centers and Private Clouds.”


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CIO Insider Cover Story: UnitedLayer’s CEO, Abhijit Phanse explains and shares his insights on “Leveraging the Capabilities of Software-Defined Data Centers and Private Clouds.”

This is CIO Insider’s exclusive cover story with Abhijit Phanse, CEO of UnitedLayer. He talks about new trends like the demand of Software-Defined Everything in the cloud, the company’s philosophy, growth of the company, its thriving cloud business, and the challenges that lie ahead.

Over the past two decades, UnitedLayer has been providing comprehensive data center infrastructure and managed cloud solutions to various industries like Technology, Media, Telecom, Oil & Gas, and Banking Financial Services and Insurance across the globe.

The journey started with Accelon Capital, a mid-market private equity investment fund created by Abhijit and three professors from Stanford. Later they acquired UnitedLayer, the largest colocation data center provider in San Francisco using this fund with an aim to create high-performance, highly-available (99.999%), secure, agile, scalable, and modern colocation and multicloud solutions of the future.

The conversation starts with company’s philosophy which is deep-rooted in the need for having a three cloud strategy i.e. “The laws of the land, physics, and economics dictate that hybrid cloud will continue to the future of enterprise computing,” as stated by Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware which considers that Software-Defined Everything is the future.

Abhijit further explains UnitedLayer’s role in the Software-Defined private cloud evolution by talking about their Software-Defined Multicloud Data Center Platform that converts any legacy data center into a modern (hybrid and multicloud) data center.

During the course of the journey, several innovative solutions like UnityOneCloud were created to manage, monitor, audit, and support end-to-end cloud deployments. UnityOneCloud is a SaaS platform that provides a single pane of glass for seamless management of any cloud environment from bare-metal to serverless configurations in data centers, private clouds, and public clouds.

UnitedLayer utilized its 15 years of experience in the industry and created another organic spin-off known as UnitedPrivateCloud using it’s G3 IaaS Private Cloud platform, which is a third-generation private cloud solution perfected to deliver enterprise-grade cloud solutions and support modern applications like VMware, Kubernetes, SAP, and Oracle.

Before UnitedLayer, Abhijit Phanse co-founded the company called Scintera (acquired by NYSE: INPHI and NASDAQ: MXIM) that delivered high-performance signal processors in the wireless base station and data center infrastructure space. “Recognizing the industry’s path, creating a vision for our company, and building a team to deliver solutions to solve the real-world hybrid cloud challenges for our customers has been my contribution,” says the CEO, Abhijit Phanse.

About UnitedLayer:

UnitedLayer is a major Colocation, Private Cloud, and Managed Services provider that operates data centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. UnitedLayer puts you on the fast track to growth and helps you realize the full value of your investment in any cloud infrastructure solution. We design, build, and manage Enterprise-Grade Colocation, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud solutions that meet the performance, security, and scalability requirements to serve enterprises’ unique business needs.

About UnitedPrivateCloud:

UnitedPrivateCloud is an enterprise-grade Software-Defined Private Cloud company delivering enterprise-grade private clouds across 12 data centers over 5 continents. UnitedPrivateCloud’s G3 IaaS delivers high-performance, 99.999% availability, locked-down security, and software-defined agility and scalability while delivering greater than 30% cost savings compared to any primary public cloud provider. We are one of the world’s experts at building and operating highly available, secure, and scalable private clouds.

About UnityOneCloud:

UnityOneCloud is a Software-as-a-Service company that provides the most comprehensive enterprise-grade Multicloud Management platform for managing your real hybrid cloud environments. We help manage, monitor, audit, support, and observe all your hybrid cloud assets right from bare-metal to serverless configurations in data centers, private clouds, and public clouds.

For more information on how UnitedLayer can assist your digital transformation, please view the full copy of the discussion here and visit our website,

Why Do Enterprises Need Multi-Layer Security?

Why Do Enterprises Need Multi-Layer Security?

The advent of cloud computing turned digital economics around, optimizing, enhancing, and building a strong foundation for enterprise applications. Software as a Service routes all of the enterprise data inbound and outbound email and web traffic through a provider’s network of high-performance data centers. The responsibility of the provider is then to scan, test, and then, quarantine, or forward the traffic using the infrastructure that few businesses can afford on their own. Multi-layer Security makes sense for enterprise cloud solution providers, for one primary reason, which is cost. Cloud providers can distribute the costs of infrastructure, bandwidth, and expertise across clients.

Cybersecurity is a major concern for enterprises dealing with cloud resources. Cloud technology has received a significant boost by application-wide technological upgrades, silicon, and edge cloud. Gartner Analysts have studied the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic and the revolution it is bringing about in the business world. From accelerated digitalization of business processes, endpoint mobility, and expansion of cloud computing in several organizations. It has revealed legacy thinking and technologies adopted by enterprises. Security is no longer just a part of compliance and legal requirements, it is now an increasingly influential, defined discipline of its own that impacts almost all aspects of an organization. The point of contention is then to assess how to go about bringing this assimilation.

What is a Multi-Layer Security System?

A multi-layer security system is one that is implemented across multiple operational layers, using several layers of security provisions to shield components at every level. It provides a certain defensive depth that can be used to mitigate threats, delay, or prevent threats overall. So, why is multi-layer Security the right way to protect and shield enterprise applications? The fact is that the current web environment encourages and rewards blended attacks, that is multi-pronged threats against their targets, most of which have heavy financial implications. The only chance of stopping these multi-pronged attacks is to ensure that enterprises set up efficient and coordinated defenses that work across multiple protocols and applications. Layered security strategies are the only way to combat the current cyber threat landscape effectively. Rather than merely waiting for attacks to hit endpoints, layered Security takes a holistic view of cyber defense, accounting for the multitude of vectors by which modern malware is delivered and recognizing the importance of network and end user-level Security.

Criminals are efficient in their approach to blended attacks, in order to get their malicious software installed and persistent on business computers, they take steps such as mixing and matching adware, spyware, viruses, and any other information that they can scrape from social networks, and so on. Enterprises cannot block blended attacks by blocking every channel used by attackers without sealing off their business from the outside world.

UnitedLayer’s Security as a Service, a security management solution enables you to proactively identify, respond, and mitigate any security threats against your IT infrastructure. Our cutting-edge security solutions protect client infrastructure from any external security threats. We provide IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, IDS/IPS services for secured access to cloud infrastructure along with DoS/DDoS protection against all types of network attacks and threats. With application penetration tests or ethical hacking, we help organizations identify the security vulnerabilities present in the application. Our secure code analysis enables organizations to verify that proper security controls are present in the application.

It’s essential to find an enterprise cloud provider who can offer the transparency to let businesses evaluate their protection, and the accountability to stand behind their promises and claims. Multi-layer Security not only makes sense in the cloud but is the need of the hour.

Visit the UnitedLayer website to know more about multi-layer security and how to protect your cloud resources effectively.

Life at UnitedLayer!

Life at UnitedLayer!

UnitedLayer allows you to hone your skills by working on live projects and industry interactions from the day you join. This helps to convert any theoretical knowledge into applicable practical wisdom. We promote a healthy work environment that is based on positive relationships with your co-workers and peers. To promote that, we offer regular team outings for all our employees where they engage in team-building recreational and fun activities.

With the prevalent rife of the pandemic, the concern is not about where you work, but how you work. So, keeping the wellness and safety of our employees on priority, we have introduced several work-from-home policies to make certain that our employees have the right tools, resources, and equipment to serve our clients better. To assist our UnitedLayer family, we have purchased additional COVID 19 health insurance coverage for our employees, their spouse, and dependent children to cover certain medical costs related to the Coronavirus. We will be extending an allowance for the internet expense for all UnitedLayer India employees during this Work From Home period.
Our company also nominates employees from various departments for several categories of recognition like New Kid on the Block, Leadership in Making. These awards are given to a select few employees that are able to demonstrate commendable work for our clients and our organization within a short period of time which motivates them to perform even better. Sales incentives provided by UnitedLayer are attractive and above industry standards.

We also provide several onshore opportunities that are also endowed by UnitedLayer under the category of the international travel policy where the company bears all the expenses of the employee on that particular project. We have a shift allowance policy in place that enables our employees to work in different shifts as required by the business to work safely and securely within office premises. We have a special security policy for our female employees who work in the night shifts.

The management makes sure that all the employees who do overtime are paid fairly for their extra work and efforts. We help and encourage our team to create a healthy work-life balance between their personal and professional lives.

We aspire to be an organization that ensures the wellbeing of all its employees. We have very precise functioning policies for sexual harassment and the authority keeps a track of all sorts of non-permissible actions of the employees. Harassment and workplace violence are strictly prohibited and such cases are directly handled by management for swift action. We care and don’t leave our employee’s hands in a bad situation.

In good times as well as in the bad times we always remain with our employees. The company provides health insurance to full-time employees under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

We arrange “Gift Cheque” on the occasion of an employees’ marriage or the marriage of the employee’s child. We have various favorable plans for all our employees to ensure that we are there as a team with them, be it in their celebrations or bereavement. The holiday calendars in our company vary under different regions like the U.S, Canada, and India.

Broaden your horizons by joining our team of professionals and get a chance to grow in a healthy environment which enhances your skill sets and challenges your abilities in multiple areas.

Data Center Colocation: Bridging In The Knowledge Gap From The Market

Data Center Colocation: Bridging In The Knowledge Gap From The Market

With increasing market demands, data centers are becoming bigger, more complex, and more time-consuming to manage, and their needs are starting to outstrip other businesses’ resources. The knowledge and talent gaps in the technology sector mean that it is more difficult for companies to find staff with the right skills to manage ever more complicated and cutting-edge infrastructure. Although we are continuously informed that computing’s future is the cloud, companies are still not quite ready to take the plunge and transfer everything into the cloud. It could be due to enforcement or security concerns, or because they are not willing to give up on their current investment in on-premises infrastructure.

Colocation has become a common choice for businesses looking to reduce the cost of keeping the data center in-house as it helps bridge the gap between on-premises deployments and full cloud migration, no matter what the cause. Colocation allows an IT organization to manage its infrastructure without the pressure of operating a whole data center. The global colocation market is projected to cross $63 billion by 2023, an annual growth rate of 14%, according to a forecast by Market Research Future. The colocation infrastructure offers space for tenants to host their servers in a data center. Although the hosting company owns and manages the data center, the servers are operated by the tenants. The hosting company offers various facilities and additional equipment, including electrical power, cooling, internet access, networking equipment, and space for each server.

So, you need to look for a colocation provider with a range of managed services to help your IT department fill in experience and knowledge gaps and provide the kind of long-term support you’ll need to implement the digital transformation plan for your company.

That’s where the UnitedLayer Colocation solution provides excellent services and expertise in delivering complex colocation projects, which in turn helps bridge the information gap from the market. In our premier Tier-3 data center facility, you can conveniently install and operate your existing equipment while retaining the level of access, control, and security of a data center entirely residing at your premises. You will remove the hassle and expense of running your own data center with UnitedLayer Colocation solutions while setting yourself up for a cloud future.

UnitedLayer Colocation services come with on-demand scalability where customers can attach additional data, computing, and networking resources to meet the increased demands of the business. Via the support desk, customers can request other infrastructure services. It will be up and running in 15 minutes, rather than months usually needed for conventional infrastructure design, procurement, implementation, and turn-up. UnitedLayer offers a seamless software-defined network upgrade, storage, and processing of the network from 1G to 20G with a smooth software-defined upgrade.

UnitedLayer’s centralized management platform offers a single pane of glass for its colocation customers to remotely access, track, control, and automate their colocation infrastructure. In the colocation data center, customers can get a visual view of all their devices, monitor their output, and control those devices from their location without the technical staff visiting the facility being needed. We also provide integrated automation software to automate day-to-day network management activities, so the IT team can spend more time on projects that build business value.

If your company is prepared to take its technology maintenance future seriously, colocation is a great way to optimize your infrastructure and prepare it for growing trends, such as cloud computing.

To get a better insight into what else our Colocation facility has got in store, sign up for a free demo today.

Influence Of Location In A Colocation Facility

Influence Of Location In A Colocation Facility

Due to the increasing popularity of cloud in business space, many IT managers are facing concerns about location services. When companies are looking for the right colocation provider, a primary factor influencing their decision is the facility’s location. In the digital era, more and more businesses are shifting their servers to data centers outside their organization to cope with network and bandwidth demands. It enables benefits such as flexibility in infrastructure, improved recovery options, improved collaboration structures, accessibility of employees, easy access to public cloud operators, and reduced TCO.

A data center with power and connectivity can be installed anywhere, but the location has an impact on the quality of service it can provide to its customers.

When selecting a technology partner, location is the primary consideration besides price, scalability, flexibility, uptime, and reliability. Good location choices mean an integrated network and application ecosystem that can reach your entire market and can help you better understand your activities and customers than competitors. On the other hand, poor location can cause poor connections and problems with performance.

Companies need to strike a balance between location being an essential component of choice and making it the only concern when searching for a data center provider. They need a colocation provider that focuses on physical security, disaster recovery, data center uptime guarantees, service levels, scalability, and reliability to ongoing support and maintenance. A variety of other considerations, including local data security regulations, tax systems, access to services, availability of sufficient networking technologies, local infrastructure, qualified labor pool accessibility, track record, and current customers or reference customers, should also be kept in mind.

UnitedLayer provides a top Tier-3 data center facility to deploy and manage your existing hardware while maintaining the level of access, control, and security of a data center entirely located at your premises. You can eliminate the hassle and cost of running your own data center with UnitedLayer Colocation solutions while setting yourself up for a cloud future.

UnitedLayer provides Colocation facilities from one of San Francisco ‘s largest data centers located at 200 Paul Ave. It is the only data center built on solid bedrock in San Francisco. This location serves many engineering, technology, and internet services providers, and is the main data center for the Bay Area and colocation in San Francisco.

UnitedLayer’s 200 Paul data center is San Francisco’s first data center built on bedrock with Zone 4 construction and not in a flood plain for 100 years. UnitedLayer has more than 40,000 square feet of fully redundant data center capacity. For the next 100 years, it is not in the earthquake fault, liquefaction or landslide zone and is seismically certified for earthquake protection.

The network density at 200 Paul Avenue makes it a perfect interconnecting point for the entire west coast, offering access to leading domestic and Asia Pacific carriers, which makes meeting any diverse business needs that are extremely viable.

Location is not everything when it comes to data center placement. When selecting a colocation data center provider, there are several considerations, including availability, reputation, facilities, support, and cost. Yet, it’s true that location is one of the most important factors. Location is critical not just because of the geographical context, but also because it influences many other factors that are key to the success of any data center.

To get a better insight into what else our Colocation facility has got in store, sign up for a free demo today.