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Blog: Gigaom on UnitedLayer and FLIR technology for datacenter efficiency insights

  1. Catch an insightful blog post by Gigaom’s (http://www.gigaom.com) Allen Leinwand (http://panoramacapital.com/bio-aleinwand.shtml) on the use of FLIR(Forward Looking Infra-Red) camera technology for getting up and close and personal with datacenter hotspots. In UnitedLayer’s internal case study on rack elevations and equipment placement, there were numerous examples to help customers ease hot spots in their racks within the datacenter and ensure consistent intake temperatures of conditioned air.

Richard Donaldson (http://www.linkedin.com/in/richarddonaldson), COO of UnitedLayer, said,”Typically, this type of insight comes at a hefty price premium. By leveraging off-the-shelf technology, we were able to get real-time data on the effects of our efficiency updates within the datacenter without proprietary software or disruptive and costly studies.”

You can read the blog post here” http://gigaom.com/2008/06/20/data-centers-caught-in-a-cool-fliry/ .

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