SwingCloud – A Holistic Solution For Your Data Center Infrastructure Migrations

Ensure everything is right, from primary information gathering to installing dependencies on new locations with high security and zero downtime

The Need & Challenges Of Data Center Infrastructure Migrations In Digital Era

Data centers are an integral part of businesses to grow rapidly and scale to new horizons. With data influx, enterprises require sufficient data center infrastructure to support increasing demands and data generation. With numerous reasons like company expansions or mergers, or regulatory requirements, organizations relocate a data center infrastructure from one facility to another to handle future demands.

The entire process of data center infrastructure migration is not as smooth as it sounds, there are several challenges that organizations face in this journey.

Interruption In Business Continuity

Maintain The Same Network Topology

Fear Of Data Loss And Data Leakages

Security And Data Safety Concerns

Unlock The Performance And Securely Scale To New Locations

Highest Availability

Maximize your business continuity with the infrastructure that is always running with 99.999% availability.

Infrastructure Management

Manage and operate both your existing and new data center infrastructure using our migration assistant.

Accurate Assessments

Discovery of existing infrastructures and replication of network topologies, and security protocols.

Secure Transfers

Secured infrastructures and data transfers with zero data loss and leakages.

Dedicated Experts

24/7 availability of data center relocation experts to support your migration consultancies

Disaster Ready

Protect your data with continuous backups and disaster recovery plans built for businesses.

A Highly Crafted Approach For Your Business Excellence

A two-step, straightforward strategic approach that meets your needs for a successful infrastructure move.

Existing Location

Our technicians assess your existing on-site infrastructures and conduct a thorough discovery on the inventory to audit the required capacity to effectively plan the data center infrastructure migrations. Experts will strategize a curated plan as per the business requirements that ensures the highest security and zero data losses.

Migration Assistant

UnityOneCloud tool comes with a migration assistant that helps users with a unified view to manage both their existing and new data center simultaneously. It ensures the same network topology is maintained between the source and destination with complete visibility.

New Customer Location

Once the infrastructure is ready at new data center location, the workload is transferred from UnitedLayer® SwingCloud to the customer infrastructure. It ensures zero downtime in this entire migration journey.


SwingCloud is a temporary on-demand private cloud with the flexibility to sit on the same network as the customer’s new data center location or at the UnitedLayer® data center location per their requirement. It extends the same network topology of your existing data center and replicates it to the new location of your choice.


It’s an on-demand temporary network connectivity solution offered by UnitedLayer® for customers who require a network setup between the service provider and the new infrastructure during the migration phase.  This provides users with low latency and high bandwidth network connectivity, resulting in high infrastructure availability.

Use SwingCloud as a service model for your existing & future needs 

What We Migrate

Infrastructure Migration

Workload Migration

Network Migration

Database Migration

OS Migration

UnitedLayer’s® SwingCloud makes your data center infrastructure migrations seamless!

Discover How To Migrate Your Data center Infrastructure To Swing Cloud

Expert Consultation

Let our best minds work for your business excellence.

Free Demo Calls

Understand length and breadth of our data center solutions.

24/7 Support Staff

Round-the-clock support to address your queries.

A Reliable Data Center Infrastructure Migration Service With Zero Downtime 

SwingCloud can solve your business continuity challenges while you undergo data center infrastructure migrations. Our experts look forward to help you. 
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