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UnitedLayer becomes strategic partner with Dell Computer Corporation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 1, 2006 – UnitedLayer, LLC. (UL-LLC), a leading San Francisco Bay Area Internet Infrastructure company, announced a partnership with Dell, the world’s leading direct computing systems company, that will provide a robust hardware platform for managed server clients.

About Dell Computer Corporation

Dell Computer Corporation is the world’s leading direct computer systems company based on revenues of $25.3 billion for the past four quarters, and is a premier provider of products and services required for customers to build their Internet infrastructures. Dell designs, manufactures and customizes products and services to customer requirements, and offers an extensive selection of software and peripherals. Information on Dell and its products can be obtained on the World Wide Web at www.dell.com.

About UnitedLayer

UnitedLayer, LLC. is a leading IP Services company in California. UL provides IP services to Fortune 500 companies and small to medium sized companies in the San Francisco and Los Angeles Areas. UL’s network includes 7 data centers within California and expansion plans include East Coast and international facilities. For more information about UnitedLayer’s products and services, please visit https://www.unitedlayer.com