Remote Hands

Remote Hands service offers access to a team of highly trained, in-house, certified technicians that are available 24x7x365 and can monitor servers remotely through a single pane of glass known as UnityOneCloud.

We also help you with Inventory Audit by creating a library of information about the equipment, rack installation, cabling, and wiring of cross-connect termination solutions, shipping, and receiving for equipment/inventorying boxes of the data center.

Inventory Audit

Offers a comprehensive cage and cabinet audits by creating a library of information about the equipment and their installation in the data center, including servers, cabinets, and storage devices. Along with the monitoring, we also provide installation.

Rack Installation

Provides highly skilled and professional rack installers for racking and stacking of equipment in the data center.

Cabling and Wiring

Offers services like cabling and wiring in global data centers including cross-connect termination solutions along with moving, securing, or dressing existing cables in the data center.

Shipping and Receiving

Provides receiving and shipping services for equipment/inventorying boxes of the data center, ensuring the security of customer’s equipment or packages.

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