Remote Management Platform

A Remote management software platform that Service Providers or Data Center companies can offer to their customers, enabling their customer to manage their global data centers and Multicloud footprint through a single application portal from anywhere.

Remotely Manage Your Multiple Cloud Environments

Allows remote management of your globally distributed data centers, power distribution units (PDUs), bare-metal servers, networking devices, private clouds (VMware and OpenStack) and public clouds (AWS, GCP, and Azure).

One Dashboard For Your Multiple Cloud Workloads

Observe and visualize a high-level customized view of your entire Multicloud and colocation infrastructure through interactive widgets with each widget showcasing a single infrastructure environment.

Simplify Auditing And Automation Of Multiple Clouds

Extract a comprehensive audit trail of all the actions taken on your data center and Multicloud infrastructure. Automate your day-to-day tasks of Multicloud management with automation tools like Terraform and Ansible.