What is Colocation?

Colocation is the tradition of housing privately-owned servers and networking equipment within a third-party data center. Rather than the in-house situation where servers reside within an area or part of a company’s small business infrastructure, there’s the choice to”co-locate” gear by leasing space in a colocation data center.

What does Colocation provide?

  1. Better Connectivity: Colocation data centers provide completely reliable network connections to ensure that the business-critical applications of customers still operate uninterrupted.
  2. Improved network security: To detect and prevent unauthorized access to their customers’ networks, data centers have top-notch network protection, including the new firewalls / IDS systems.
  3. Redundant Power Supply: Via a combination of various power grids, diesel power generators, double battery backup systems, and excellent maintenance procedures, colocation data centers provide power resilience.

How will colocation help you?

Colocation enables you to store your equipment with a public IP address, bandwidth, and power supplied by the service provider to your server in a cabinet located in a secure data center.

How can we help?

At UnitedLayer, we have a growing list of services that are managed which helps corporations to restructure their infrastructure and enhance their responsiveness, optimization, resource efficiency, and flexibility, leading to better and enhanced customer experience and quicker time to market.

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