What is NoSQL Database ?

A non-SQL or non-relational database is referred to as NoSQL. A relational database, such as MySQL or Oracle, is a table-based database format that is rigidly structured. Document-oriented NoSQL databases allow you to store and retrieve data in formats other than tables. MongoDB, Elasticsearch®, and Redis® are all popular NoSQL platforms.

Modern applications use and produce a variety of complex and changing data types. This method of data storage and retrieval was not designed for relational databases. NoSQL databases are more adaptable and scalable than SQL databases.

You can add new data to a NoSQL database without having to pre-define it in the database schema, making it possible to process vast volumes of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data quickly.

The dynamic schema of NoSQL databases makes it easy to help agile development, which necessitates frequent iterations and no downtime.