Leveraging The Capabilities Of Software-Defined Data Centers And Private Clouds

Leveraging The Capabilities Of Software-Defined Data Centers And Private Clouds

The requirement to simplify network management systems has witnessed an immense growth of the global software-defined anything (SDx) market. Software-Defined Everything is a big trend in Cloud infrastructure. Businesses across all the sectors are changing and are powered by IT in allowing them to remain competitive. Enterprise IT needs to be an agile, configurable, adaptive, and scalable engine to protect enterprises from evolving threats and rapidly take advantage of new opportunities ­ all of which necessitates a Software-Defined Cloud Infrastructure to power enterprise IT. Software-Defined multicloud brings tremendous efficiencies and agility to help modernize IT to give the enterprise a huge competitive advantage.

Facilitating in serving the customers with unique value propositions, VMware is offering solutions right from the desktop to the data center to the cloud platforms. VMware solutions frequent business expansion and growth. With knowledge, skills, and tools, businesses can engage customers and pacify sales and services offered. In helping to drive license and services business, VMware solution creates new business opportunities, increase business gains, and makes companies stand out from their competitors.

Streamlining an organization’s journey into a digital business’ podium, VMware helps tackle the virtual cloud network. A company can gain a network defined purely on software through a virtual cloud network and get the applications and data in private, public, and cloud branches secured. Services delivered by VMware solution providers improve in services receptiveness, supply application, and suppleness. Other solutions delivered include IT optimization, data center solution, IT infrastructure, network infrastructure, etc.


Understanding the benefits of a wide variety of VMware solutions, CIO Insider provided the list of “10 Most Recommended VMware Solution Providers – 2020.” Being thoroughly scrutinized by a different board of judges, including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts, and CIO Insider editorial board, CIO Insider believes these providers have proven grounds to redefine how businesses can integrate VMware software in their core competencies.

Over the past two decades, UnitedLayer has been deploying data centers and private cloud solutions for clients across North America, Europe, and other regions. UnitedLayer’s Software-Defined Multicloud Data Center Platform is a technology platform that converts any legacy data center into a modern hybrid cloud and multicloud data center, with on-demand scalability into private and public cloud resources, comprehensive remote management capabilities, and DevOps automation, to enable complete remote management of your data center colocation cabinets, hardware infrastructure, and hybrid cloud with a single pane of glass.

We deliver a Virtual Data Center dedicated to each customer, which can get connected to the customer’s on-premises infrastructure, and become a seamless extension of their existing data center. With its 99.999% availability and high performance, our cloud solution is something enterprises can trust to run their production workloads in an as-a-Service model, without the need to spend the capital expense for building their data center, refreshing their hardware, and the operating expense of maintaining their data center and IT infrastructure. UnitedPrivateCloud also comes with built-in business continuity and disaster recovery solutions so customers can, with the click of a button, leverage a highly redundant failover mechanism delivering a sub-one-minute Recovery Point Objective.

Life at UnitedLayer!

Life at UnitedLayer!

UnitedLayer allows you to hone your skills by working on live projects and industry interactions from the day you join. This helps to convert any theoretical knowledge into applicable practical wisdom. We promote a healthy work environment that is based on positive relationships with your co-workers and peers. To promote that, we offer regular team outings for all our employees where they engage in team-building recreational and fun activities.

With the prevalent rife of the pandemic, the concern is not about where you work, but how you work. So, keeping the wellness and safety of our employees on priority, we have introduced several work-from-home policies to make certain that our employees have the right tools, resources, and equipment to serve our clients better. To assist our UnitedLayer family, we have purchased additional COVID 19 health insurance coverage for our employees, their spouse, and dependent children to cover certain medical costs related to the Coronavirus. We will be extending an allowance for the internet expense for all UnitedLayer India employees during this Work From Home period.
Our company also nominates employees from various departments for several categories of recognition like New Kid on the Block, Leadership in Making. These awards are given to a select few employees that are able to demonstrate commendable work for our clients and our organization within a short period of time which motivates them to perform even better. Sales incentives provided by UnitedLayer are attractive and above industry standards.

We also provide several onshore opportunities that are also endowed by UnitedLayer under the category of the international travel policy where the company bears all the expenses of the employee on that particular project. We have a shift allowance policy in place that enables our employees to work in different shifts as required by the business to work safely and securely within office premises. We have a special security policy for our female employees who work in the night shifts.

The management makes sure that all the employees who do overtime are paid fairly for their extra work and efforts. We help and encourage our team to create a healthy work-life balance between their personal and professional lives.

We aspire to be an organization that ensures the wellbeing of all its employees. We have very precise functioning policies for sexual harassment and the authority keeps a track of all sorts of non-permissible actions of the employees. Harassment and workplace violence are strictly prohibited and such cases are directly handled by management for swift action. We care and don’t leave our employee’s hands in a bad situation.

In good times as well as in the bad times we always remain with our employees. The company provides health insurance to full-time employees under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

We arrange “Gift Cheque” on the occasion of an employees’ marriage or the marriage of the employee’s child. We have various favorable plans for all our employees to ensure that we are there as a team with them, be it in their celebrations or bereavement. The holiday calendars in our company vary under different regions like the U.S, Canada, and India.

Broaden your horizons by joining our team of professionals and get a chance to grow in a healthy environment which enhances your skill sets and challenges your abilities in multiple areas.